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Storage Facility


Broadlink petroleum ltd provides Training, Seminars, Conferences and Workshops for public and private sectors on the developments in the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry. These programs are aimed amongst others, at creating awareness of the opportunities provided by the energy sector and how best to tap into these opportunities.

Storage drives of huge capacities will be provided for seismic and none seismic data as a back up storage facility. This makes the center unique across the Nigerian Oil Industry in such a way that all tape-based data will have drive-based copy as back up in a separate room. Clients will be given a remote access to the data via secured internet services. This will put the center at the fore front in adopting the cutting edge storage technologies.



The core storage will be a section within the G&G Building
Complex. The services related to core include sample storage, core sample analysis such as core logging to obtain core related Petrophysical information for reservoir and hydrocarbon potential studies. The core related services are planned to attract lots of projects across the entire Nigerian hydrocarbon industry especially for the fact that Broadlink Petroleum Ltd has a good reputation in the industry.